About us


About Us

“London Metropolitan College (formerly Project control online LTD) was established in March 2012 with the aim of building competency in Project Control and Project Management for complex projects in blended environment. Most recently LMC has gone through with the re-branding to reflect our new directions of the business strategy to positions at the heart of the Education and Training, having approved from Education Skills and Funding Agency(ESFA) to deliver Apprentice programme recently.” LMC is now part of Projcon group headquartered in UK. As a group, we are passionate about making a difference and leaving behind a legacy that our clients and partners will benefit from as they move forward in their respective business endeavours.  One of our passions is establishing integrated systems of working; we work with our clients to strengthen their project control functions and their project & programme management ability, but we recognise that real benefit comes from ensuring that the project control functions are fully integrated into project & programme management and delivery capability of an organization.  We believe that effective Project Controls & Management provide the business with reliable information, that inspires confidence, at the right time to enable and inform the right decisions to be made.   Whilst some might consider this as an integrated solution, we believe that sustaining the capability to maintain a “match fit” status through development and professionalising the project team is the true measure of a fully integrated solution.  We are able to enable this through:

  • Our approach to generating a Project Control system that fits into a control framework.
  • Understanding an organizations maturity in project controls, project and programme management.
  • Identifying an organizations strengths and weaknesses and assisting to develop a “blueprint” for capability and maturity growth in project controls, project and programme management.
  • Being an accredited training provider.
  • It is Projcon Group’s passion and believe to make a difference to effective project delivery through properly executed and integrated Project Controls.

Mission Statement

Short About Us

Our college’s mission statement is ‘To encourage and support our Student’s Learning and Development journey and to help them build their bright future’.

Core Aims

Some Golden Words

One of our core aims is to meet the needs of students at whichever level they join our college and assist them in arriving at the intellectual level they desire.

Dedication and commitment to learning is our core value at LMC. We recognise knowledge acquisition on three levels: student, employee and organisational – and this integrative relationship between the three levels is the minimum requirement for a successful College. Learning and scholarship for students and employees are considered important, whilst also recognising organisational learning as a means to continually improving the college. Our supporting values include inclusiveness and diversity; innovation; collaboration/partnerships; excellence; integrity; good communication; leadership; respect; and stewardship. Moreover, we have registered with Matrix to demonstrate our commitment to the quality of IAG service that we provide to our learners. We are in the process of acquiring matrix assessment and as well as ISO 9001 certification. LMC governors and board members will ensure training for all staff, in making aware of what makes people vulnerable and who to refer to within the organisation. Governors and board members will also take opportunities to promote British values.